An Overview of HelioPOPolis’s Slots

It’s perhaps unnecessary for us to inform you that there are several PopWins games and Egyptian-themed slot machines available. Accordingly, a PopWins slot based on ancient Egypt might not sound like the most ground-breakingly creative concept. When combined, though, they become rather playable in the correct hands. This is the situation with AvatarUX’s HelioPOPolis program. The fact that this is the range’s umpteenth entry demonstrates that it still has plenty of steam to spare.

HelioPOPolis is more proof that AvatarUX has been honing its creative skills over the series. The background of the Pyramids has the feel of an oil painting, which is one of many subtle but welcome touches. It’s unknown how often this setting has been or will be utilized in online slots, but AvatarUX manages to give it a sense of originality. The enigmatic Egyptian-inspired EMD music reverberates throughout the game’s foundation, adding to the overall atmosphere of otherworldliness that permeates Ancient Egypt. When you get a bonus round, the techno turns up a notch or two, just like in the video of Sébastien Léger performing near the Pyramids of Giza.

Giza Funk may be played on any device with bets ranging from 20 p/c to £/€100 per spin. HelioPOPolis is extremely mathematically volatile, but it may be addressed by playing regularly, utilizing the Ante Bet, or, if feasible, purchasing one of the bonus rounds. There is no indication of whether or whether the potential return to player value varies based on how you play, but it has been precisely timed at 96.026%.

The lowest value symbols are the 10-A royals, the middle value symbols are the three random items, and the highest value symbols are the three ancient Egyptian gods. If you get a winning combination of five symbols, you’ll receive a payout of 0.6x for low card values, 1.5–2.5x for medium values, and 3–4x your wager for high values. Keep in mind that there is only one method to cash in on a five-of-a-kind victory. Only during free games do scarab wilds appear, substituting for regular symbols. Also, during free games, you should keep an eye out for mystery symbols. The same symbol is always shown when Mystery symbols land.

Slot Functions in HelioPOPolis

At the outset of each spin in the main game, 15 symbols are placed over a grid of 5 reels, with 3 symbols on each reel. There are 486 possible paylines active, starting with the leftmost reel and moving to the right. When a victory occurs, the triggering symbols are swapped out with two new ones. If a fresh victory happens after this, the process begins again, and the reels can expand to the maximum height of 6 rows in the original game. The board is cleared after a winning streak in the main game.

Bonus Turns

A scatter triggers up to 7 free games with 2,048 possibilities to win and a multiplier of up to x5.

If you get 4 scatters, you may win up to 9 free games with 6,250 ways to win and a multiplier of up to x6.

When 5 scatters appear, you may win up to 11 free games with 15,552 possible paylines and a multiplier of up to x7.

Prior to initiating their free spins, players can activate one of two bonuses:

During a spin, a pair of synchronized reels can produce a 2×2 or 3×3 symbol.

The Extended Win sign might be any one of the possible pay symbols. This symbol, upon contributing to a win, will grow to fill a complete reel.

During free spins, the win multiplier increases in addition to the extra wilds and Mystery symbols. Each victory adds a permanent +1 to the multiplier until the conclusion of the game. Free spins begin with the reels stacked at 4 symbols high; if they ever reach 8 symbols high, the multiplier for subsequent winnings on that spin is increased by +2, and you get an additional 2 free spins. Additionally, Extended Win symbols and Synced Reels are both enabled. In addition, the reels reset to the smallest possible height during free spins. If, during a free spin round, all of the reels achieve a height of 8, they will remain at that height until the round ends.

Free the Basics

Two free spins with either Synced Reels or Expanded Win Symbols are provided when all reels hit 6 high in the base game.

A Buy-In and Ante-Up Bonus

When the Ante Bet is activated, the wager is increased by 50% and the probability of gaining free spins is multiplied by 2. Free spins with a choice between two features worth 125 times the wager can be purchased if not. Both offer transparently priced buy menus that list all available features including free spins, ways, multiplier caps, and pricing. The third choice, which activates all features from the start but costs 1,000 times the stake, is the priciest. The purchase menu provides further information.

Slot Verdict in HelioPOPolis

PopWins slots are piling up faster than we can count them, but luckily for us, the creative juices at AvatarUX are never going to run dry. To put it mildly, the studio’s enthusiasm for the PopWins mechanism keeps growing and finding new forms of expression. The use of an Egyptian motif might not appear very original at first glance, but AvatarUX has done a fantastic job at making the concept feel modern and even enjoyable. Whether you prefer Egypt slots or PopWins slots, you’ll find much to enjoy in this game thanks to its infectiously fantastic beat. HelioPOPolis is a must-see if you’re like both of those topics.

HelioPOPolis’ popularity as a PopWins slot is due in large part to its many features. For one, it uses a broad variety of features, however the vast majority of them are locked away until free spins are either triggered or purchased. The reviewers did encounter the Base Game Lock rather frequently, but the game itself moves ahead at a good clip and relies on PopWins to throw out a few rewards. The game combines a number of solid elements into a bonus round, albeit these aspects aren’t special on their own. The enjoyment was heightened by the hard house, acid house, whatever house tune was playing in the background. Let’s see, mysterious symbols, huge symbols, a progressive win multiplier, extending symbols; yet the combination of so many in one spot isn’t particularly usual.

The good news concludes with the maximum win of 20,000 times the wager on HelioPOPolis. Our testing sessions never came close to reaching this point, although bonus purchases were often well-balanced. The 1,000x still produced some positive outcomes, and the losses weren’t catastrophic. Since anything might happen in the real world, it’s generally best to proceed with the same degree of caution as always. Players who can’t get enough of PopWins will be happy to hear that the impression that AvatarUX has plenty of brilliant ideas in its sleeve has stayed constant.






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